Today in the city Ewa Gentry 22.08.2017

Monday’s eclipse? A ‘close call’ for SF fog-bound viewers

For Bay Area fog-dwellers who want to see the big solar eclipse Monday morning, the message is clear: Head east beyond the cloud cover, and aim north. Be prepared to view the sun — bu...

Tucker Carlson praises Trump's naked-eye eclipse staring, partly fulfilling parody predictions

Given Fox News host Tucker Carlson's previous treatment of President Trump, the wags on Twitter had some fun predicting what he would say Monday night about Trump's decision to stare directly into the...

Stared at the Eclipse? Here’s How to Tell If You Ruined Your Eyes Forever

An eye-care expert talks about the potential damage your vision may have suffered from looking at the eclipse without proper protection.

Kim Kardashian's makeup artist uses this $6 hemorrhoid cream to hide her under-eye wrinkles

The INSIDER Summary: Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic has been doing Kim Kardashian West's makeup for nearly 10 years.  On August 19, he held a Masterclass in New York City to show fans exactly how he...

Police: Man Tried to Gouge Officer's Eye Before Arrest

Southern California police say a 22-year-old man tried to gouge the eyes of an Upland police officer after he was pulled over.

How To Keep Your Eyes Safe During Next Week's Eclipse

This story was originally published on August 16, 2017. Update: The solar eclipse is happening today, August 21, 2017.Amid all the hype surrounding next Monday's total solar eclipse, don't forget the...

Solar eclipse 2017: What time and where is it, plus the science behind it

Today, all of North America will witness a total solar eclipse for the first time in 99 years, where the Moon will pass in front of the Sun, casting darkness across swathes of the Earth's surface...

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